Wall Finance

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Safe Assets

Elevate your capital to a state of immunity from inflation, confiscation, and censorship. Allow no entity the power to freeze your assets or hinder your ability to transact freely.


Non Custodial

Embrace self-sovereignty as your own banker. Enjoy complete control over your funds and the mastery of your private key.

Multi Wallet

Experience the security of managing a vast array of cryptocurrency assets and blockchains.


Be in charge of your own experience, with the power of user governance. Safely and anonymously transact at any time and place.


Break free from the constraints of the traditional finance ecosystem and delve into the limitless potential of Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Defi Enabled

Effortlessly swap assets, stake them, and engage with any Decentralized Finance service through WalletConnect.

Investor Oriented

Unlock the full potential of the crypto market with institutional-level analytics and seamless navigation.

Action Alerts

Stay ahead of the curve and be among the first to respond to market events that drive prices. Coming soon!


Utilize a tool that is designed to serve you, devoid of any tracking mechanisms and fortified with privacy features to guard against prying eyes.


Genuinely Private

Say goodbye to centralized servers and user accounts, as this platform operates without any form of identification storage.

No Checks

Say goodbye to traditional finance's cumbersome identity verification requirements, as this app operates free of such restrictions.

TOR Enabled

Preserve the confidentiality of your connection, even from your internet service provider, with private context protection.

Ecosystem Partners


Our Milestones

Q1-2023 (Phase 1)

-Team Building-System Analysis and Designs-Website Making-Smart Contract Deployment-Wall Wallet Creation and Developments-Whitepaper Release-Audit Smart Contract-Community Airdrop-Wall Wallet on Google Playstore

Q1-2023 (Phase 2)

-Initial Marketing -Presale on DXsale-Listing on Icecreamsap-Staking and Farming Launch-Listing on Coinmarketcap-Listing on Coingecko-Massive Marketing-Listing on CEX

Q2-2023 (Phase 3)

-Wall Wallet IOS Release-Multichain Integrations-Partnerships-NFT Launch-New Projects Integration on Wall Wallet

Q2-2023 (Phase 4)

-More CEX Listings-Launchpad Introduction-Launchpad UI/UX Designs-Launchpad Launch-New Utilities of Wall Token-Browser Extension

Q3-2023 (Phase 5)

-Expanding Community-More Adoptions-More Developents-Keep on Building


Name: Wall Finance
Ticker: WALL
Decimals: 9
Burn Rate: 2%
Blockchain: CORE 
Total Supply: 1,000,000
Contract Address:


    40% Presale

    30% Listing

    20% Staking

    7% Marketing

    3% Community

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  • Why choose Wall Finance?

    Unleash the full potential of your assets, go beyond borders, and maintain privacy with Wall Finance.

    Designed for individuals seeking decentralization of their capital, full control over their assets, and wealth growth through limitless opportunities, Wall Finance is the ultimate asset management tool.

    If this resonates with you, then look no further. Our focus is on meeting your specific needs and serving you in the most effective way.

    However, if you are simply seeking a basic way to store Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, this wallet app may not be the best fit for you.

  • How does the Wall Wallet work?

    The Wall Wallet is designed to operate beyond the traditional finance realm, serving as a versatile tool in the world of cryptocurrencies and Decentralized Finance.

    Enjoy direct, unobstructed access to the cryptocurrency universe with no gatekeepers.

    Operating as an autonomous, uninterrupted, unrestricted, and private portal to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the Wall Wallet eliminates the need for intermediaries such as banks, brokerages, or exchanges.

  • What is Wall Wallet?

    Experience unparalleled security with the non-custodial nature of the wallet, where you alone hold the keys to your cryptocurrency.

    Experience true decentralization with no need for accounts, emails, or intrusive identity checks (KYC, AML).

    Preserve your privacy with a wallet designed to safeguard personal information, never collecting or storing any data.

    Benefit from transparency and accountability with the wallet's open source code, publicly accessible and verifiable by anyone.

    Easily manage an array of wallets and a diverse range of major cryptocurrencies, with the wallet's multi-wallet and multi-currency capabilities.

    Empower your Decentralized Finance journey with this DeFi-enabled wallet, serving as your all-in-one solution to the DeFi ecosystem.

  • What is the total supply of WALL?

    Total supply minted is 1,000,000 WALL.

  • Is Wall Wallet available now?

    Yes it can be downloaded in Google Playstore.

  • What makes Wall Wallet unique from other crypto wallets?

    Wall Wallet is a pioneering solution in the world of non-custodial wallets, offering a comprehensive approach to privacy, decentralization, and usability. It's designed to be the most sophisticated non-custodial wallet app to date, built with security best practices in mind and fully private with no user data stored.

    The wallet utilizes decentralized blockchain communication and supports an unlimited number of multi-coin wallets, enabling users to engage in decentralized finance activities. Additionally, it's an open-source wallet that educates users on the world of crypto and DeFi, and it's natively built for iOS/Android and has been audited by external parties for enhanced security.

    Unlike custodial wallets provided by cryptocurrency exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, Gemini, Kraken, Poloniex, or Bittrex, Wall Wallet gives users unconditional control over their funds, without relying on intermediaries. Users are not dependent on an exchange to access their funds, nor do they have to worry about losing access to their wallets or funds in case of an exchange compromise. The wallet also prioritizes privacy and does not require users to go through KYC/AML procedures.

  • What can be done with the Wall Wallet?

    This describes a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet app that offers users a range of features, including the ability to send and receive cryptocurrency, swap between different assets, access DeFi services, and create and store multiple wallets. The app also provides users with the ability to import and export wallets, monitor and analyze cryptocurrency markets, and learn about cryptocurrency and decentralized finance (DeFi). With these features, the app aims to provide a comprehensive solution for managing and interacting with cryptocurrencies in a decentralized, secure, and user-friendly manner.

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